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Alisson Rodrigues Sandi


Leo and Becky... Simplicity, Class, Musicality, Lightness, Feeling, Connection, Technique, Essence, Creativity.... there is so much to mention that I can´t fit it all in here.... Everyone should watch out for this couple.... I sure do, and I can´t wait to get more and more inspired by their dance!

- Perth, Australia

Tiia Alho


Thank you so much! You are such great teachers and technique is exactly what I need to practice most so the classes were wonderful. Your positive energy makes learning with you so inspirational! And fun!

-Helsinki, Finland.

Vanessa Rodrigues


My friends Leo and Becky, the first time a Choreography has given me goosebumps, the energy, the expression, the elaborate movements of the choreography is PERFECT.

- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Eric Fehr


Incredible. Every time I see a new video of this amazing and lovely couple, they have gone two or three steps further, found new ways to move, while I still try to figure out how they did the last thing they were teaching me... Leo and Becky you Rock!

- Zurich, Switzerland.

Sonja-Maria Ignatius


Awesome classes with Leo and Becky... You are such Amazing Teachers and explain the things very well in detail, I learned so much with you again!! I love your attitude on going deep into the fundamentals and doing everything with perfection. Less is more.

- Helsinki, Finland.

Matt Stevens


We had Leo and Becky teach our Zouk class last night. It was an inspiring class AND workout! Every single dancer in our class seemed to step up a notch in our dance ability with such Passionate Teachers.
From Rio Rhythmics

- Brisbane, Australia

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